Light engineering – woodsplitters – clay target traps – fabrication – repairs – welding (all metals)

Wood Splitter         Clay trap

If you are a firewood merchant or contractor this is the machine for you. These splitters are the result of many years research, use and refinement in the trade.
This is not a hobbyist’s toy.
Designed to work all day every day and maximise your effort to profit ratio.
Ram speed is fast and yet extremely powerful. Able to crunch through the toughest, knotty blocks that other splitters will just stall on.

We can deliver or arrange delivery anywhere in New Zealand. There are many of these log splitters working in and around Napier, Hastings, Otane, Waipawa, Waipukurau and surrounding districts.

Call or visit Mousebuilt in Otane, Hawkes Bay.  Contact us here